School Section #5 Moore - Corunna School

School Section #5 Moore was the village school serving the children of Corunna, as well as those from as far south as the 8th Line (now Rokeby Line), as far north as Froomefield and as far east along the 10th Line (now Petrolia Line) as what is now Hwy. 40.  The first building was board and batten and was constructed in 1869 on the corner of Hill and Lyndoch Streets. 

sepia tone photo of children by wall of a school

Photographs from various time periods indicate that the building was re-sided with clapboard in the late 1890s (or a new building was built and the 1869 signboard re-installed on the new one).

photo of school building with children playing in yard

large group of students beside school

small group of students by schoolhouse

According to writer Jean Elford, who attended this school in the 1920s, it was built as a one-room school, but large numbers of students later necessitated dividing the room with a thin partition with a door in it.  She noted that the senior room was on the east end of the building and was heated by wood, but the junior room had a “jacketed gas heater” which apparently produced little in the way of heat!

group of students in front of two storey brick school

A two-storey brick building was erected in 1929 and enlarged in 1949.  In the mid-1950s, Murray Street School was built nearby, and this school became Hill Street Senior School, housing the grade 7 and 8 students for Corunna and area.  Hill Street had the distinction of being the only senior elementary school in the Lambton County School Board. This school closed in 1997 and the structure now serves as the Emergency Services Building for St. Clair Township.



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