School Section #3 Moore

colourized photo of exterior of S. S. #3 Moore

Although the interior areas of Moore Township were settled later than the riverfront, some records indicate that the first schoolhouse in the interior was built very early, in 1845.  This was replaced in 1857, when the trustees of School Section #3 Moore petitioned the Council of the Township of Moore for a by-law enabling them to borrow a sum, not exceeding 45 pounds currency, for the building of a new Common Schoolhouse.  This building was constructed on Lot 26, Conc. 9 Moore.  This loan was to be repaid within a year through a special levy on properties with the school section.

Sixteen years later, a ¼ acre of the west side of Lot 21, Conc. 9 was purchased for $25 from Albert Giles.  Five years later, a new schoolhouse was built on that property, opening for classes in 1878.  This 1877 building was a frame structure, painted white with green trim.  Over the years, additional land was obtained from Lot 21, Conc. 9 to provide a larger playground for the students. 

photo of children in front of school

group of school children in 1903

large group of students at S. S. #3 Moore in 1930

photo of boys in a schoolyard

When S. S. #3 closed at the amalgamation of the schools of Moore Township in 1963, the schoolhouse was moved for use as a shed and the property became once again part of this farm.  In its final year, S. S. #3 Moore was still a well-attended school, with 37 students (4 grade 1 students, 8 grade 2s, 5 grade 3s, 3 grade 4s, 5 grade 5s, 7 grade 6s, 3 grade 7s and 2 grade 8s).



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