Trinity St. Clair Chapel

The first Trinity Church in Moore, commonly known as Sutherland Church, was built between Courtright and Mooretown on land donated by Thomas Sutherland at Sutherland’s Landing.  The church was erected in 1842 after a delay of 7 years, due to the Rebellion of 1837.  The rotting of the oak log foundation of this church in the early 1860’s necessitated the building of a new church.  Mooretown was chosen as the site for this new church.  Mrs. James Bâby donated the land on the southeast corner of Pulteney and Napoleon Streets and she laid the cornerstone on May 25, 1863.  In 1918, the tall steeple of this church was struck by lightning, causing the church to burn to the ground.

The Trinity Church that is now Trinity St. Clair Chapel was built in 1919 on the site of the preceding church. The windows and choir stall rails in this building were saved from the 1863 church.  The pews are from the former Christ Church, Anglican of Ouvry, Ontario, west of Dealtown on the north shore of Lake Erie.  The pews were original to this church, also built in 1863, and were removed prior to the demolition of Christ Church.

In the early 1980’s, the declining size of the congregation led to the closing of Trinity Anglican Church.  It was subsequently used as an artist’s studio.  In October 1998, the church was moved to its present location.  Following the renovations, it was re-named Trinity St. Clair Chapel.  A service for the blessing of the chapel was held on July 30, 2000.